Sunday, 18 November 2012

Secret Lairs Thumbnails 27 - 44

I have been trying to picture my secret lair in such a way that the three key rooms are viewed in the scene but with the work station room with my hero prop in main focus. I have been doing some floor plans to help with this and get the overall shape of the space that I want and I think thumbnail 38 works best at the moment so I have sketched a full image using that floor plan as a guide.

I was also challenged by my tutor to swap the colours of my scene around and start blocking out a space straight on to a red background. I think it is possibly a bit too intense but it seems to be working in terms of making it more pulp fiction like. It is just the basis of the idea at the moment but I will work on this more until deciding to employ it into my final concept art.

Floor Plans
Floor Plans

Designing the ceiling using the symbol of gold as an architectural key but not just as a flat circle.

Hologram designs

43. Trying to get the full view of the design using one of the floor plans above.
44. Experimenting by blocking out aspects of my scene onto a red background again using the same floor plan above as a guide. I have imported my final hero prop concept art to show where it would be but the colours may need swapping around as well.

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  1. I LOVE that intensity, Alex - and I really like that ceiling thumbnail with the extruded symbols - very pulpy! Good stuff, onwards!