Monday, 23 February 2015

Jerry Texturing Complete

Shader colour blocking.

3D paint texture applied to skin shader.

Texturing Complete.

Shirt and Shirt Details Textures

Legs Texture
Cap Texture

Eyeball Texture
Hair Texture

Shoes Textures

Head 3D Paint Texture 

Death Texturing Complete

Shader Colour Blocking, applied glow on Cane head piece.

First jacket texture pattern test. I decided to have a subtle pattern to increase the showmanship of the character.

I decided on this stitched pattern rather than the checked pattern and added a subtle pattern to the cravat and waistcoat for the same reason.

Buckle Texture, no Bump map applied.

Buckle texture, Bump map applied.

Chips and Dice Textures, Bumps applied

Texturing complete.

The jacket has two textures because it has a two sided texture assigned due to the tail.

Waistcoat Texture and Specular map and Cravat Texture

Hat Texture

Legs Texture

Cane Texture

Buttons, Buckle, Dice and Chips Textures and their Bump Maps

Shoes Texture

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Major Project: Jerry Facial Rigging - Blendshapes Redone

Due to there being a facial rigging problem with Jerry's eyebrows I had to redo them which in turn meant redoing the blendshapes for his facial expressions. 






Puffy Cheeks


Above are the eight different channels being used individually. However these channels allow me to make other expressions by combining them together. Here are few below.


Blowing out

Tongue control is also complete.