Thursday, 31 October 2013

Maya Tutorial: Body Modelling Torso

Maya Tutorial: Head Modelling Eyeballs

Maya Tutorial: Head Modelling Eyebrows

Maya Tutorial: Head Modelling Hair Part 1 and 2

Narrative Project: Character Thumbnails 4

Pencil Sketches of Characterized 1940s Phones for our second character.

Developed Number 2 above.

Developed Number 3 above and used duller colours than before.

Narrative Project: Character Thumbnails 3

Character Design Exercises 6 - 29/10/13

Character Design Exercises 4 and 5 - 22/10/13

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Character Project: First thoughts and Ideas

For this project we have been given two genres and a theme to create a story with 3 main characters involved. a Hero, a Villain and a Sidekick. The main focus is the characters but a story is needed to define them. I got Supernatural and Vikings with the theme of Revenge. These are my first rough ideas that came to mind.

Character Design Exercise 2 and 3 - 15/10/13

Today we was focusing on shapes in characters to represent characteristics and style of characters.

For the first exercise we had to identify the shapes in an existing character by drawing it and then drawing it again but using different shapes the second time round to change their characteristic. I got Danger Mouse.

The second exercise involved taking a character with a style that we liked and drawing it, then drawing it a second time in a different style. I chose Yzma and changed her style from complicated shapes to simple.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Character Design Exercise 1 - 08/10/13

For this exercise we were given two random genres to form a character from. I got Wild West and Supernatural. I designed a Western cowboy supernatural hunter. Similar to the likes of Van Helsing and Blade.

Narrative Project: Character Thumbnails 2

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Narrative Project: Character Thumbnails 1

Narrative Project: Old Phone Influence Map

Narrative Project: Sound Process

When we had done our rough script we was advised to cut up the sound from the interview of our chosen grandparent and put it together and edit it to improve the sound as well as seeing if what was said made sense and went together well. 

I was given this task of editing the sound. This process took 4 stages.

Stage 1: The original interview

Stage 2: Cutting the questions out
Stage 3: Cutting any pauses and "umms"

Stage 4: The person talks slowly as she is quite elderly so we needed to speed the sound up a bit so it didn't sort of drag on at points but hopefully the sound still sounds natural.

Narrative Project: Interview to Script Process

At the interviewing stage we decided to change our approach from interviewing older and younger people to just interviewing one person, a grandparent of one of ours. This had to be done over the phone by putting the telephone on loudspeaker and recording the sound with another device. We ended up changing a couple of questions from before and here is the questionnaire we used.

From the recorded sound we typed up the answers from our chosen grandparent and highlighted some sections that we thought could be useful to start writing a script with. Here are the answers.

From above we came up with the first draft of our script. At this point we decided to make it seem like a conversation between two old phones rather than an interview.