Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Narrative Project: Dorothy Character Modelling Complete

The Pupils will be textured on the eyeballs.

Narrative Project: Dorothy Character Modelling the Hair

First Attempt didn't go so well due to the amount of geometry I had.

Second Attempt, Alan suggested a new approach by using half cylinders as each curl and joining them up. This was very time consuming but we are pleased with the result.

Narrative Project: Final Animatic

As part of the collaboration I was given the task of editing the Animatic together with the sound with the drawings that George had done. The small animations will be changed a bit in the final animation.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Narrative Project: Finalising Audio (Feedback Appreciated)

We have produced 3 different versions for the final audio for our animation. The audio gets shorter each time as we took out parts each time. The first one is shorter than our rough animatic. Second we decided to take out a bit that we felt wasn't very important and the third one, we cut of a chunk at the end to shorten it.
We are struggling to decide on which one to use so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Narrative Project: Main Character Modelling Progress So Far

Narrative Project: Character Orthographics

Main Character
Front View

Side View

Second Character 
Front View

Side View