Saturday, 29 December 2012

Maya Tutorials: Interior Lighting

Maya Tutorials: Animations

Maya Tutorials: Lighting - Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting - Mid Day
Exterior Lighting - Sunset
Exterior Lighting - Romantic
Exterior Lighting - Night

Maya Tutorials: Lights and Shadows

I did do this tutorial before but as you can see below there were some problems so I altered my lights a bit to come out with my final render.

First try at tutorial; has strange triangle at the side. I discovered I had not disconnected the lights from the floor.

Second try and final render; disconnected only the area lights from the floor.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Animation Toolkit: Zoetrope Strip Planning Sheet

This is my planning sheet for my zoetrope strip animation before starting on the actual strip. I divided the frames up evenly as there are 24 frames in total and 4 main parts of the animation loop.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life Drawing Lesson 10 - 11/12/12

In today's lesson I decided to go really bright and bold with my choice of medium and colour. I actually really like how these turned out. I had to quick drawings, one session of moving life drawing, and three 20 minute drawings which were mainly experiments with colour in light and dark.

Quick Drawings

Moving Model Drawings

Used orange as a base colour, red for shadows and blue background

Red for dark areas, blue for light and orange for objects.

Green for base, yellow for light and blue for dark.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Secret Lairs: Set Texturing Progress so far

Just a little bit more texturing to be done on the buttons and my UV maps for my holograms and screen. I have tried out some lighting as well but I am struggling with it as the glows everywhere pretty much lights the scene anyway. I am trying to get some reflections from the glows onto the other objects but am struggling. Debating whether lights are even necessary with all the illumination of the glows.

Red Metal Shader added for walls, floor and ceiling.

Black and Yellow Metal Shader added for the tables and rubber-like shader for the cables on the floor.
Blinn Shaders with glows added.

50% Test Render showing glows.

Glass shader added to table equipment (selected because it is invisible).

50% Test Render showing the glass.

White Metal Shader added to the control panel and also added a grey metal shader to parts of the table.

50% Test Render for all texturing so far. I also attempted to add some white glow on parts of the cables but it did not come out as well as I had hoped.

Secret Lairs: Set Modelling Progress

Modelling of my set is finished although I still need to do something about the window which I am having some problems with.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Secret Lairs: Maya Hero Prop Progress

Made the basic shape out of a cylinder at first and extruded the faces at the bottom. 

Restarted with another cylinder because I didn't like how the original looked because there wasn't enough divisions so not enough extrudes at the bottom. And put the cones and rings on it.

Extruded the sides to add more detail and a better design.

Changed the whole shape into an oval rather than a circle so there is more room to work on for my character as well as some cable sockets on the bottom.

Added grills on the bottom and equipment which were mainly random experiments as they need to look alien. 

Front, Side, Top and Perspective View of Hero Prop model. (I will add more equipment).

Life Drawing Lesson 9 - 27/11/12