Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adaptation A: Infographic Volcano

From my tutorial I have been advised to create a simple stick figure in Maya with a simple rig to then animate and bring into after effects. As well as this I have been advised to create my volcano in Maya also. I have created a simple model, applied a surface shader and a basic texture. With this the render time will be very short and there are no need for lights as the surface shader self illuminates. I made three different textures varying the lava area and I think the last one works best.

Side view render, this is how it will look when animating.

Adaptation A: Developing Infographic Assets

After my tutorial I was told to simplify my volcano designs more and make my stick figure character less stick like and give him more volume. In terms of volcano colours I have taken number 1 forward.

Adaptation A: Initial Designs for Infographic Assets

For the assets in my infographic I am going for simplistic designs with limited colours used in each object from gradients. The stick figure is very basic at the moment but still deciding whether or not that is all I need for him.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Adaptation A: Gathered Facts 1

The highlighted facts are ones that I thought were most useful in terms of showing an engaging animation.

Adaptation A: Infographic Idea Development

From looking at the many volcano facts I have gathered, I found that the majority are about the actually volcano itself and how it forms, what happens inside and out and the different types around the world rather than the damage they can do to human civilisation. With this in mind I came up with the idea of having a characterized volcano as the centre of attention in the infographic and did a few thumbnails of what this may look like. (1.1 is number 1 at its squash and stretch state). 

Adaptation A: Infographic Colour Palette

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Adaptation A: Video Infographic Style

Adaptation A: Initial Research - Narrowing Down which Natural Disaster

After the feedback on my pitch for my 10 ideas on 'Top 10 Facts About..' it was narrowed down to 'Natural Disasters'. From then I have done some research on natural disasters by gathering facts and through this I have decided to do 'The Top 10 Facts About Volcanoes'.

A few informative videos on volcanoes.