Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Concept Art Finals - Hero Prop and Lair

These are my final concept art pieces for my secret lairs project before starting my final piece in Maya. Although these are complete, my model in Maya will not look exact as there are slight changes I will make when modelling  which are not so drastic that there is need to redo my paintings.

Final Concept Art for my Hero Prop - The Martian Alchemist's Alchemy Table

Final 16:9 Concept Art for my Secret Lair - The Martian Alchemist's Spaceship

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  1. Great stuff, Alex = it's pulpy (Barbarella would love it here!) Really looking forward to seeing this arrive in 3D - yes, you'll make some revisions in the making - but this is a bold and audacious mission statement - Go for it! :D