Friday, 16 November 2012

Secret Lairs Online Greenlight Review

Secret Lairs OGR

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  1. OGR 17/11/2012

    Evening Alex,

    I really like what you're cooking up here in terms of story and the big message of my ogr feedback is going to be 'Be bold - make it happen!'. I really like the crane idea too, and I think you should try and resolve a composition that allows us to see that aspect of the ship too - as it would be a great shame to know it's part of your world without seeing it. What you may find useful is to create an actual floor plan of your space before trying to thumbnail - this is how George approached visualising his interior and it helped.

    There is something very 'pulp sci-fi' about your narrative world, Alex - and I think you should embrace it - particularly in light of your bold use of colours and 'mad scientist' imagery. Pulp sci-fi was defined by its juicy use of colour - and you should absolutely check out the illustrations of Frank R. Paul as reference:

    Notice how he uses solid colour - I want to encourage you 'not' to think of your lab space as white with coloured lights, but rather reverse it - consider having bright red walls, with yellow furniture and black equipment - it could be incredibly punchy and pulpy - just study those Frank R Paul covers for some reference. The other sci-fi artist who is not afraid of colour is Chris Foss:

    For more examples of 'pulp science fiction', check out the galleries after this link:

    I have a challenge for you; the next bit of concept art you produce for this try starting on a solid red back ground (as opposed to white) and then use your 3 remaining colours to build up your ideas in 'block colour' style - keep looking at these magazine covers for courage! Give it a go...