Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Secret Lairs Influence Maps

I decided to do some Influence Maps to help me with specific things and aspects that would be involved in my secret lair of the Martain Alchemist.

I felt looking at the equipment of alchemy in traditional alchemy as well as chemical science from real life and different media would be vital as this is what will define the lair to being an Alchemist's the most.
I decided to look at the actual location of this Martian's lair. Straight away I thought it would be best to situate him in space or another distant planet as you cannot get any more secret than that. I really liked the idea of making it a space station/spaceship within an asteroid field. The face on this map is actually a face discovered on the planet Mars I thought it would put a nice spin on things and give it some real mystery if the face is actually the lair.

The appearance of the character I feel is an important aspect in order to shape the lair. I have been bouncing the two ideas of making the character a gruesome looking alien or actually making him in a human disguise which of course reflects on the character bible. I looked at sci-fi films and programs with aliens in them as well as possible alchemy related attire and appearances.

The Hero Prop - I have had many ideas about a possible hero prop/props.
1. an alchemy table which would be its main work station.
2. a teleporting device which he would use to teleport to other planets or solar systems to collect rare ingredients.
3. a ray gun type device that it is in the middle of building for a particular reason.
4. a seeing orb that it uses to view other planets and life forms.
5. Its wrecked spaceship if he were to be situated on Mars.
6. It's human disguise hanging up (it was hard to show this in the Influnce Map)


  1. some comprehensive influence maps here, Alex - but let's get some story ideas on here too;


    What is your Martian Alchemist trying to transform and why?

    That was fascinating about Alchemists seeking to identify the elixir of life - maybe your Alchemist is one of last of his kind, trying to save his own civilisation?

    How about just trying to answer the question above - with as many variations as possible? Give yourself 10 minutes and brainstorm feverishly and then see where you are.

  2. These are looking very interesting! My brain started creating my own version of your character just by looking at your influence maps!
    I am really interested in your development of this ideas and influence maps and also I think that human disguise would be a great hero prop. I suppose it would add your character a bit of humorous, a bit comical, asspect (though it also depends on how you would create and picture the costume).
    Good luck and I am waiting for more : )

  3. These look really definitive, I can kind of see you creating something like a cross between a Star Wars and Men in Black type alien, I cant wait to see what you come up with! I really like the concept of the alchemy table as well, I think you can really expand on that!