Tuesday, 22 January 2013

From Script to Screen - Tight Rope Walking Video References

In my story I need to identify the specific things that actually happen during the tight rope challenge. As well as this I need to work on my dynamic camera angles to go with them. Here are some references as to tight rope walking is performed and how different things affect different performers.

This video shows how someone would recover from falling off of a high wire during a performance.

This one shows how a balancing pole is used properly if at all.

This clip shows a man who slips but recovers from a sitting position. As well as this he falls but survives which is good to show how someone can actually go off balance.

Another video showing someone falling but hanging on by swinging like a monkey and then using the same recovery technique as the first video.

Note the acrobat is not using a balancing pole. Not all performances require it as this shows how a man can balance himself just with his body and succeed.

Once again this performer has no balancing pole but she is not very high from the ground. This act is known as tight wire but I think a high wire will serve me best.

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