Sunday, 20 January 2013

From Script to Screen - Rough Storyboard

I decided to do a rough storyboard of what I've got for my story so far. I need to identify everything that actually happens during the challenge scene as I've only got the basics on this storyboard. However I have been sequencing some other things to happen to make it longer as well. Not my best drawings ever but I annotated in case they were unclear.

Also what isn't shown here is the idea that there is actually a ghost of him inserting the light bulb on the other side of the chasm which he jumps into to get his life back.


  1. great to see this arrive, Alex - but maybe you should consider including a few more subjective shots from the janitor's pov - for instance, looking down past his feet into the chasm - a few more shots in there to lend further dynamism; likewise, think about adding some close-up reaction shots for both characters etc.

  2. Haha I like seeing your written idea materialise into a storyboard. This is funny too, especially the ending. It's quite funny that death can't be cheated because he actually cheats himself to make sure he wins everytime. The story shows why death can never lose. It's a cool story and I love the idea of the "chance" of living again by having a fruit machine included. Thats ironic and gives false hope becuae the main charcater takes his chances but he can never win because death will never allow it, it's similar to the gambling world, You may win a little but you will always ultimately lose more. Nice work :) Can't wait to see you character designs etc