Saturday, 12 January 2013

From Script to Screen - Like-for-Like Storyboard

For my Like-for-Like Storyboard I decided to do a scene from the film Transporter. I chose a section from the oil fight scene as I thought it had a great variety of shots and used the camera well. 

I apologise for them all being different sizes and not exactly straight and I did clean them up a bit in Photoshop as they looked too scruffy for my liking.

Here is my chosen section from the scene.


  1. Great job, Alex!
    First I looked at your drawings - dynamic and nicely done - then I looked at the clip.
    The storyboard seems understandable and easy to follow

  2. This is an amazing like for like, as Sam said, it's very dynamic and it makes you assume there is fast paced action within that film just from the way you have drawn the images. Good job man