Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Using Photoshop, I blacked out the objects I was given and started combining them together to create silhouettes for life-forms, machines and structures. This method worked well and helped me to see the objects from a much different perspective.
Blacked out objects.
Objects combined.


  1. Hi Alex :)
    I really like these silhouettes you've done. Number 1 looks like some prehistoric crossbreed! 4 makes a pretty interesting structure; it could be some kind of plant or even a wind turbine! and 14 looks like an awesome semi-organic tower. Nice job!

    Out of interest, what book(s) have you been assigned for the 'cinematic spaces' project?

    Emily Clarkson ( your fellow CG peep and Creative Partner :) )

  2. Hey Emily
    Thank you, I was going to choose 4 as my life-form as a huge carnivorous plant type thing but as you can see I did not get round to do the final design :( and 14 was going to be my structure as well :) My book is The Time Machine by H.G Wells, what's yours?

    1. At the Mounains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. Difficult read if you're not paying attention, but it could be interesting. Ruined civilization kind of thing in antarctica. So lots of mountains and snow and stone. Time machine is great. I've watched the film adaptions of it. Could be interesting to compare the two for ideas...?

    2. Oh nice, I think I have heard of that before. From what you're saying it reminds me of the 1982 film 'The Thing' at the beginning where they find the destroyed and ruined Norwegian base camp. Worth taking a look if you haven't seen it before :) Me too, I preferred the 1960 version to the 2002 one though as it was more true to the book where as the more recent one is completely different in pretty much everything.

    3. Hey thanks for the heads up on 'the Thing!' I see what you are getting at. Great shots of snow and mountains from high up. Thanks for that!

    4. Ah no problem, glad it helped!