Saturday, 1 September 2012

Life-forms Development

After much deliberation I decided to choose number 3 out of the life-forms category for further development as I felt it had the most potential for a new and exciting concept.
First development page, as I felt this concept had an insect like structure to it I decided to look insect features such as legs, eyes and wings. 
Small parts such as how the insect would eat and fly.
A run cycle to show how the creature moves so uniquely. 


  1. Hey Alex - it's really interesting that you're getting into the mechanics of movement in this design, but I'm going to encourage you to actually get to grips with the use of silhouettes and form (as opposed to relying on line). Actually use the objects on the sheet i combination to move your designs beyond what you're already able to imagine. You don't even need to know what you're doing or know what exactly you're looking for - just keep combining and layering and redrawing and extending etc. until something wonderful and unexpected starts to happen. Don't be nervous of a new or unfamiliar method - just get stuck in and enjoy yourself :)

  2. At the risk of repeating Phil; it's awesome to you immediately breaking down your thoughts about creature design into a logical thought process.

    However, this is not looking like particularly realistic movement at the moment. You might want to go and study some real-life references for insect or quadrupedal movement - and then bring that knowledge into your work.

    Again though, great to see this kind of thinking so early on!

  3. Hey Alex - look at you racing to run cycles!.
    Although I have to agree with Phil, I think you haven't been quite experimental enough yet.
    At the moment, I can't see where the shapes on the worksheet fit in. Have you tried the suggestion of silhouettes yet?
    If you're stuck with anything, remember I'm your mentor so send me an email or leave a message on my blog and I'll help with what I can.
    Have fun and be adventurous :)