Thursday, 27 September 2012

Life Drawing 1 - 25/09/12

For my first week of life drawing on the course there were 3 sections. The first was just a stage for the tutor to "see where I am at" in my drawing ability and I drew the model as normal. The second are "quick drawings" where by the model changed pose every five minutes or so. I had never done quick drawings before and they proved to be challenging for me. The last is a "drawing in space" where I had to focus more on the background behind the model in order to make her look like she was in an environment.


Quick Drawings:







 Drawing in Space:


  1. Okay Alex - good to see these up on here - but a couple of pointers:

    1) the CG Artist Toolkit : Drawing brief does ask you to use labeling conventions for your drawings - i.e. 'Toolkit Drawing'. (Indeed, all your briefs ask you to use labeling conventions). When you're preparing a blogpost you'll see a 'label' option on the right of your screen - click on that, and type in the box that appears 'Toolkit Drawing' (or when you're creating posts for the 'Cinematic Spaces' unit - create 'Cinematic Spaces' labels for those posts. These labels - or tags - will appear beneath your post, and if I then click on those labels, I will only see posts that are grouped under that particular label.

    2) Consider choosing a larger size for your images when you're uploading them (a series of choices will appear when you're inserting an image - from small to x-large).

    3) Your pencil lines are VERY faint - which is a shame; a bit of oomph courtesy of Photoshop and levels/brightness & contrast will lend some impact to your drawings.

  2. Hi Phil

    OK I have edited this post now and given it the appropriate label, I will try to remember for future posts - I'm sure it will become second nature for me soon enough :) Right, OK I will edit the post and make them bigger also.

    Yes I know! I noticed this when viewing other peoples work. It's a really annoying "habit" of mine which I'm trying to get out of! Perhaps I'll use charcoal next time to get more confident with my drawing :)

    I did actually do that with these and unfortunately no such luck in making them any more clearer than this..

    Thank you for the helpful comments :)