Friday, 17 October 2014

Minor Project: Limbo Thumbnails

Limbo is just an empty space, there are no walls, ceiling or even any floor. However there is Death's very own Casino where you can gamble to win your life back. 

Being that there is no walls etc, it is difficult to design such a space but this is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Colour is a key element for my environment so I tried to avoid black as much as possible in these initial thumbnails.

Front entrance of Casino

Inside the Casino

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  1. Hi Alex,

    In terms of colour, I think you need to be more schematic still; for example, choose a set of colours that are suitable 'Vegas' - and make one of those colours the background colour for the whole world - so try avoiding 'gloomy' colours completely. Then, colour all the props objects in the scene using only the colours from the collection you've chosen - so the dice, are not 'dice coloured' as per tradition, and likewise the cards and the casino table. Limit your colour scheme to the rules of one collection. When the scene changes, the set of colours can change - including the background etc. My point is I think you could be much bolder still and more 'regulated' in terms of your colour palettes. I wonder too if it would help you to work in Illustrator, to polish all your drawings so they have that more crisp, graphical, strong feel - right now I still thinking you've got too much softness and shading going on; think flat colour and bolder shapes: for an example of what I mean, look at these print-makers and artists - I think you could sharpen everything up and make everything much more stylised:

    I'd like to see you work more like this in terms of thinking about this world of yours:

    Also - in terms of fonts/typeface/graphical elements go back to Vegas, and go back to its heyday - the 1950s/60s

    Everything in your world needs more *style*, Alex - and I think it's time again that you stopped 'drawing with a shaky pencil' and started using a different methodology - illustrator for clean graphical lines, flat colour, shadows expressed 'vector-style', a strong 1950s Vegas vibe to the design of everything... Stop drawing, Alex - it's not helping you nail this confidently - change up your methodology! Use the shape tools in photoshop to create crisp, classic lines... stop drawing in whiskery pencil and then colouring your assets in...