Thursday, 9 October 2014

Minor Project: Death Prop Thumbnails

Instead of having a scythe, Death will have a cane which he uses to point in a direction. Keeping the theme of the casino I designed head pieces influenced mainly by dice, poker chips and skulls. I also thought about the body of the cane and designed some rough shapes. 

Note: At a point in the animation the cane produces a sharp blade like a scythe.


  1. Hi Alex - just a quick observation re. your overall presentation of your design sheets... The complex 'smoke' background and 'grey on grey' factor is making your designs (and your blog) very depressing and gloomy. In truth, your ideas has already moved a long way from these conventional expressions of 'death' - after all, your principle influence is Vegas and Casinos, so I'm not sure why everything is so murky; you've also got a horrid clash of fonts (which I think expresses your own slight confusion about your visual concept) - you've got a horror movie font for 'Death Props' and a Vegas font for everything else. Can I suggest that you rationalise your visual concept in terms of its expression in your project documentation; your 'death' isn't a dust-covered graveyard dweller, but a suave trickster/showman! Let's see that conveyed through your design sheets/graphic design and blog. In general terms, avoid decorative backgrounds which compete with the thumbnails... Time to give your project branding/visual concept a bit more thought in line with the changes already happening in your story...

    Oh - and for me it's between canes 1 and 11: we 'know' your guy is death, so I don't think you need to keep adding in conventional grim reaper elements (skulls) - he is the grim reaper, he doesn't need to look like the grim reaper - we get it!

  2. I really like head pieces 12, 13, 14 and 15 - the favourite one is 15! I can see the chips floating above and lightly rotating, with a glow around them etc. : D

    For the body of the cane I would go with either 1 or 2