Friday, 7 February 2014

Adaptation A: Final Volcano Infographic

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  1. Feedback;

    In terms of success your project falls into two categories;

    1) Animation / Concept: I found your infographic funny which is a testament to how well you timed and animated your work. There are some genuinely laugh out loud moments – The guy running screaming with flapping arms for example and the flooding and tsunami that follows. The way the volcano spits out smoke is a nice touch and the timing of its contact with Jim too. All of this adds up to good comedy timing on your part, it’s a skill which cannot be taught. Very encouraging for the future Alex.

    2) Design: I would argue your design / graphical language is the weakest aspect of your project. It’s an intentionally simplistic world yes but there is a recurring fundamental problem in your work, the rules of art. In short, traditional art and design skills such as shape, proportion, colour, and composition - The grey background, low horizon, characters short legs, bright green, the simplistic clouds, are a mix of problems which are born out of confused design language and art skills. To improve your future work I would suggest taking time out to explore the world of traditional art (particularly proportion and shape), deconstruct the world, look at successful designs and figure out what makes them tick on a fundamental level – Pull the world apart.