Saturday, 2 February 2013

From Script to Screen - Character Design: Janitor Jerry

I always wanted the character to have a hunchback and to be thin and gangly. The first page was my initial thoughts on the character but it wasn't what I wanted so I did further developments.
Initial Design

1 looks very peculiar but I was trying to identify the style on this sheet.
Looking more at faces on this sheet, I like 15 best.

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  1. Afternoon Alex,

    Great to see you broaching character design; just a thought for you; I think perhaps you need to ensure that we rather like your janitor - that your audience warms to him - simply because, if you accomplish that, then the ending of your story is going to pack a bigger punch. I would suggest too that your current drawings have him looking a bit young and a bit, well, a bit 'thick'. I'd like you to have a look at the Andrew Loomis PDF - How To Draw Cartoons and Poses - which is available on myUCA/Story & Commission/Unit Materials/Character Design Resources. Loomis gives a really practical guide to structuring faces etc., and I just think it would help you now to take on some technical principles.