Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thumbnails 28-44

Comparing my first set of thumbnails to these, I think i'm getting better at producing a concept and visualizing the space rather than just drawing pictures.

Cave thumbnails with machines inside, i really wanted to put a good perspective view in this one, but I notice there is a lot of dead space which needs to be filled.

These are two thumbnails but I had feedback from my piers saying that i should combine the two to create a good concept with a foreground, mid ground and background. The only issue with this is that i will be working in 16:9 so technically half of the image is missing.

Thumbnails for the concept with the sphinx in a small garden. I tried to look at different angles.

39-44 are thumbnails for the porcelain palace, I thought looking at the tiling of the floor would be a good aspect  to focus on for detail.


  1. That first thumbnail page (number 28) is fantastic Alex! the perspective on that is brilliant!... As for 'dead space' I don't think you necessarily need to fill it. Remember the Photoshop examples Phil had onscreen... if you take 28 through 'to the next round' see how applying various textures in the foreground goes, or you may find your design becomes too busy abnd detracts from the main machine... Oh and i like your sheet of 'angles' (numbers 31-37) well set out :D Great work Alex.

  2. yeah I agree, 28 looks really good, you can visualise in depth the sense of space incorporating the theme of the story, which is about a time machine?. It would be a wicked one to develop into a final concept. The smaller thumbnails are informative too, because they say a lot about composition.