Friday, 5 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Influence Maps

Using my highlighted areas of description in my excerpts I put together 3 Influence Maps. Each one corresponds to a single concept and a specific chapter in my excerpts.


  1. Hey Alex. So what key space does each excerpt of your book describe? I am intrigued by your 2nd influence map and all the cave like qualities that are depicted.
    (P.S Let me know if you need help with anything!)

  2. First one is outside when the traveller first arrives 800,000 years in the future and there are bushes, decaying statues, tall buildings like temples and stuff like that. Second is the cave of the Morlocks with machines inside which is entered into by a well and the third is a gallery of all sorts of things, similar to a museum I think.

    What about yours?

    1. Well my first influence map is based on the view of mountains and snow from an aircraft as the explorers fly in, there are a few ruins and monuments of the old civilization and finally they get to the base camp of the scout group that went ahead of them. Influence2 was of the most complete part of the old city as 2 of the explorers fly over to see whats there. The third influence is based on the interior of the complete part of the city and all its carvings and the like.
      I'm going to change influence 2 to somethign different though. There's a description of a rampart, like some sort of fortification which is where the two guys climb into the city to go and check out the interior.