Thursday, 12 March 2015

Major Project: Limbo Environment Development

I want to really show off Limbo with bright lights, glows, and neon signs to really enhance the Vegas feel. After looking at the Neon Boneyard in Vegas and popular Vegas bars and clubs I decided to make my environment out of the stylized and iconic lettering. 

In illustrator I traced the lettering of these signs that have all kinds of fonts and styles. I was also informed that you can import these vectors from Illustrator straight into Maya to make a beveled model. Using this technique i built my environment out of the lettering, dice, chips and cards. I then used my model as a guide to create a quick painted sketch and different thumbnails for my colour palette.

Traced lettering in Illustrator.

Model Screenshots









Thumbnails for colour palette.

Using Death's silhouette to show the scale of the world.

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  1. v. nice, Alex! Good to see you moving into this phase - and in terms of colours, I think you've got a logic where the colours can change on a hard edit - i.e. the colours can change when you change camera angles etc. You don't have to go nuts, but I think having alternate set-ups will add to the lunacy of this space.

    I'm really keen to see a pre-viz from you asap, because it's so important that you're thinking about your film 'as' a film, and not simply as a collection of beautifully made assets.