Thursday, 11 December 2014

Minor Project Touchstone Submission

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  1. Hi Alex - just a bit of feedback re design and graphics for your project; for me, there's still a disconnect between the design of your film and animation world - and the documentation you're creating to produce it. The typeface you're using throughout doesn't fit with the retro/50s/Vegas visual concept, and the heavy, blood-like band of colour doesn't really sit with your world either. I'd like to see you overhaul this aspect of your submission completely - i.e. bring the look and feel of the ART OF much closer to the 'rules' of your animation's visual concept. Right now, they appear to be two very separate things - your film feels like a third year project, your Art Of feels like an A Level project. More style, Alex - more joined-up thinking - "step all the way over the line!" :)