Sunday, 8 December 2013

@Alan: Problem with Betty's Rig

In the outliner the char_grp has been constrained by the master_ctrl with point, orient and scale but when I attempt to move, scale or rotate the character, all of this happens. ( only the glasses stay where they are supposed to be only when I move the ctrl). I should also mention there is a lot of history on the character, could this affect it? Thanks.

Normal State





  1. Select the geo group (geomtery) and turn off 'Inherits Transforms" in the attribute editor. If this doesn't work see me on Monday. However, I spoke to George and he is aware that this character has 'issues' due to its general messiness (history etc). It may only be possible to scale your scene, lights, and main character up / down to suit this one.

  2. Thank you! That has worked much better, except that now only the eye balls and eye lids move away with the latice and the rest stays together.

  3. Wait it's fixed now, i did the same thing to the latices and on one of them it for some reason had constraints on it that were not needed. It's all working fine now, thanks!

  4. Crossed wires I think - you were posting at the same time as I was, I wasn't able to see your second post. Glad its fixed