Friday, 8 March 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Influence Maps

For my animation I want the cells to be the complete opposite to what they actually are. They are organic organisms so I want  to make them as less organic as possible, machine like, covered in patterned metal and having mechanisms to show how it works. Much like a minuscule spaceship so it will look very sci-fi.

This map is to help define the shape of my mechanical cells as well as thinking how I could have my own shapes by combining different shapes of bacteria together to create something completely unique.

Looking at crafts and ships from Star Wars, Star Trek and other science fiction films and artwork. Some of these are really similar to the way I visualise my cells and the world around them.

The way I want my mechanical cells to look is metallic, with layers of metal sheets to give them a real industrialised look much like Transformers, Halo, War of the Worlds and other science fiction movies. In terms of the world around I was thinking of having it look like it is actually in space (but obviously its not) so the blues and purples seemed like a good starting point to me.

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