Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer Project

Before beginning the BA Hons CG Arts and Animation course at UCA Rochester, I have been asked to complete a summer project which focuses on conceptual and developmental work. I am challenged to produce 101 concept drawings using objects that have been presented to me on two inspiration sheets below. I must work in three different categories; 'structures', 'life forms' and 'machines'.

This project will challenge me to be creative and innovative with my ideas and developments to produce three final new and exciting concepts that I am satisfied with (one for each category).


  1. Hey Alex,

    Your first post - congrats! & welcome to the bloggosphere and to CGAA. I'll be emailing you loads of additional info re. following year 2 and year 3 blogs etc. a little later, and you'll also be allocated a mentor from the existing CG community to smooth the transition and sort out any FAQs. They'll probably pop by and leave a welcome comment on your blog anytime soon. Until then, I look forward to seeing your summer project take wing.

    You're the 4th of the new recruits to 'go live' - go here for the blog links for the other 3:

    There are loads more blogs heading your way which you'll need to 'Add' to your Reading list on your Blogger dashboard by copying the blog urls and pasting them into the box as directed. If you're knew to this blogging lark - worry not, it will soon come as naturally to you as breathing! Check your email tonight - I'll be in there :)

    1. Hey Phil,

      Thank you for the warm welcome, I'm not quite used to all this blogging stuff but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough. Thank you for the email you sent me, I have had a thorough look and it will help a great deal with my project.

  2. Hi Alex, welcome aboard the HMS CG Arts and Animation!
    I'm Meg, I've done two thirds of first year but had to duck out near the end, so I'll be coming back in September to join your year. I'll be around and about to help show people the ropes, and I look forward to meeting you in September! I also can't wait to start seeing some art up here. Good luck!

    1. Hi Meg, Thanks for the welcome to CGAA. I look forward to meeting everyone in September! I will get uploading some stuff soon :)

  3. Hi Alex, Welcome to the CGAA Community.
    I'm Nat, I shall be your mentor. Should you need help with anything just ask away, everyone on this course is really friendly. You can check out my blog here:
    or you can email me here:
    I see you've managed to get the first post up, congrats, I remember being new to blogging, an odd feeling to get used to but now its part of daily life and an enjoyable way to see all the fresh work on show, you may even be used to blogging already?
    So welcome again and ask away :)
    I look forward to seeing more of your creativity

  4. Hey Alex :) Just thought I'd pop over and say welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the summer task.
    I'll just say... blog everything! No matter how small a piece of work it is. That way you are showing you are always welcome to feedback and rather than hiding away in your creative world getting on with it and then having to change loads later on you'll get helped in the right direction much more efficiently and quickly! Blogging like this is also a great tool to helping you manage and plan your time.
    Look forward to meeting you in September. :)

  5. Hey, how's your summer project going?
    Remember if you need any help just let me know.

  6. another one!

    Vikki Hercules @

  7. Hi alex :)
    I'll be starting in September as well. Hows your project coming along?
    look forward to meeting you, see you in september !

  8. Greetings, Alex =) I hope you're having fun with your summer project.
    I look forward to seeing you soon. Let me know if you need any assistance with your project.